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Helen Caddick


Unique composer with a distinctive compositional style.

Described as 'powerful, evocative, modern and original’

Kamala Devam dancing to the music of Amphora by Helen Caddick

Photo Credits Phil Miller, Lee Carter



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In Development

Between sleeping and waking

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Bright Planet

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News & Updates









On the evenings of 28 + 29 February 2024  moon landing, inspired by the little known story of the women who wove the integrated circuits and memory cores on the Apollo 11 Space mission which resulted in the successful 1969 moon landing, will be premiered at Somerset House as part of Collect 24 International Art Fair. Scored for strings, to echo the strings on a loom, moon landing forms part of a duo work conceived in collaboration with textile artist Margo Selby who has created an immersive 16 metre installation in response to Helen's score.  moon landing, will be performed with the musicians seated beneath Margo's beautiful work in the stamp stairwell and is a celebration of the mathematical and technical possibilities of weaving and the crossovers of pattern, tone and rhythm found in both music and woven textiles.  Live sharings will take place at 7pm, 7.45 and 8.30pm. An educational film giving insight as to Margo and Helen's creative process will be accessible via QR.

A live recording of moon landing will be released on 28 Feb at

Following the premiere, the score will be available at Composers Edition



On 25 May 2024, Helen's new work We are Here, part of a series of 10 international commissions, will be premiered in Antwerp by the Lilith Ensemble.  ​The Lilith ensemble are a European ensemble 'committed to innovative, socially-conscious, genre-fluid performances'. This performance will coincide with the launch of a new CD of works exclusively by female composers. Further details to come...

Here's Tom with the Weather

December 2023 saw the re-release of Shack’s critically acclaimed album  Here’s Tom with the Weather which features Helen’s string writing and arrangements, one of 3 collaborations with Michael and John Head which began with The Magical World of the Strands album and 2003’s Time Machine.

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