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Bright Planet Cover

Bright Planet

Bright Planet scored for Trio (Violin. Piano. Trumpet/Flugelhorn), commissioned by CantiaQuorum, one of the UK's newest and most exciting ensembles, received its world premiere on January 2016 at Turner Contemporary Margate. Inspired by Pedro Reyes Palas por Pistolas where by 1,527 guns previously used in Mexican drug crimes were remoulded into shovels with which to plant 1,527 trees, Bright Planet deals with the concept of renewal and rebirth.

Jamie and Alex Bright Planet TC
Trio animated Bright Planet TC

For the premiere, the musicians were surrounded by Pedro Reyes 2013 work Disarm created from instruments made from de-commissioned weapons.  Bright Planet was reperformed to mark the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Turner Contemporary gallery in April 2016. 


July 2018

On 5th July 2018, as part of the Deal Festival, there was a special performance of Helen's piece Bright Planet.  Reimagined with the addition of specially created choreography crafted by Trinity Laban's Vanessa Michielon and Songhay Toldon,  Bright Planet  was performed by the CantiaQuorum Trio with dance students from the Goodwin Academy in the Foyle rooms at Turner Contemporary, Margate.  A further performance took place at the Sidney Cooper gallery, Canterbury in March 2019, with the work revisited for the 2019 Deal Festival.

March 2016

Helen's work Bright Planet, scored for Violin. Piano. Trumpet/Flugelhorn, received it's world premiere on January 2016 at Turner Contemporary Margate, performed by CantiaQuorum, one of the Uk's newest and most exciting ensembles.  Bright Planet was released on 24th March 2016.

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